Transacting with us in now easier and more convenient.

You can now get a mini statement, save to your various accounts, transfer money from your account to another member’s account, buy airtime or refer a friend

  1. To get your account balance, Mini statements, loan balance or share balance:

Dial *645#, Select Enquiry, select the service you need

  1. To Transact: Dial *645#, then select option 2. Transaction;
  • To deposit to your savings account (Withdraw able account) – select Deposit, Savings Deposit, Select the account you wish to deposit to i.e.:( junior account/stopgap account/savings account/Education account), enter amount, enter Mpesa pin after the auto prompt.
  • To deposit to your shares account (Account that earns rebates)- select Deposit, Share deposit account, enter amount, enter Mpesa pin after the auto prompt.
  • To buy Airtime : Transact, select Buy airtime, select your savings account ( the account whose account number reads as 00x00050200xxxxx)
  • To transfer to another account: Select Transact, select Inter account transfer,
  1. select Own account- To transfer from your savings account to any other account
  2. Select Other account to transfer from your savings account to another member’s account


Go to your Mpesa Menu, Select Pay bill; Business Number 506900, Account Number Enter your exact account number ( the 16 digit number), Enter amount,  Mpesa pin.

How to identify different account numbers:

To identify your account type, take note of the following codes that appear within the 16 digits in your account number:

00x0005020000xxxxx  – Savings account
00x0005100000xxxxx   – Premium share deposit account
00x0005180000xxxxx   – Salaried Share deposit account
00x000503000xxxxx     – Education account
00x0005110000xxxxx    – Sacco Junior account
00x0005090000xxxxx   – Stop gap account