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Loans offered in Fosa

Getting a loan with Tower Sacco will be beneficial to you as we ensure that your financial emergency situation will be sorted to your fulfillment. Check out the Fosa loans offered at our sacco.

Fosa Loan

  • Maximum repayment period is 96 months.
  • Minimum salary if the loan is through check off system should be 1/3rd of the basic salary
  • Requires 4 guarantors
  • For top up, one must have repaid the loan for one year.
  • 6 times your savings.

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Fosa Premium Loan

  • Loan is granted three times of the deposits
  • Require 3 guarantors who must are members
  • Repayment period is 36 months.
  • Loan processed within 24 hrs.


  • 6 months regular savings contribution in the premium account.
  • Cash deposits must have been in the account for at least 6 months
  • Applicant must fill an affidavit form.

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Group premium Loan

  • Loan is granted to groups to purchase land
  • The land should have free hold title deed
  • Group members must be 6 and above
  • Loan is granted 3 times each member deposits
  • Secured by group deposits and title deed
  • Repayable in 36 months

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Mkopo Mashinani

This is a product for members of registered self-help groups.

  • Entrance fee is kshs. 350 per member
  • Requires one to save regularly for six weeks in order to qualify for a loan
  • Affordable minimum weekly deposits contribution of kshs. 100
  • Loan granted is five times your deposits
  • Maximum repayment period is 18 months
  • Secured by guarantors and chattel mortgage
  • Loan must be insured

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Fosa Flex Loan

  • Maximum repayment period is 84 months.
  • Minimum salary if the loan is through check off system should be 1/3rd of the basic salary
  • Requires 4 guarantors
  • For top up, one must have repaid the loan for one year.
  • 5 times your savings

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Premium emergency loan

  • Loan is repayable within 12months.
  • Three (3) guarantors.
  • Processed the same day on application.
  • Loans outstanding should not exceed three (3) times the member’s deposits.
  • The loan has no maximum amount and depends on one’s ability to pay.

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Bima Loan in partnership with TOWER TECH

Premium financing provides a short term loan for businesses and individuals to use specifically to pay for asset insurance coverage.

  • A member is required to have deposits.
  • Loan is 3 times the deposits.
  • Flexible financing terms for a period of up to 12 months

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Boresha Mama

Women wish to own small business or own a business and wish to boost it, The member must have an active account OR must save for at least three months

  • Must have an active and running business within the locality
  • Normal appraisal will be done to the member applying for the loan to establish their ability, their residence and business sites must be visited.
  • 3 Times member deposits
  • Ksh.10,000 to Ksh.50,000
  • Loan term to be a Maximum of 18 Months
  • Own Deposits
  • Minimum of 3 Guarantors
  • Business stocks
  • Acceptable Movable Chattels

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Fosa Emergency 24

  • No maximum amount.
  • Maximum repayment period is 36 months.
  • Minimum salary is Kshs.3,000.

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Vuka Loan

This loan will be available to all employees whose employers have signed an agreement to process and remit the monthly installments directly to the bank. They Include:

    1. TSC employees.
    2. County Government employees
    3. National Government employees.
    4. Mainstream Parastatal employees i.e. KFS, KWS, KARI, KARLO and KEFRI amongst Others.


  • The check off/MOU arrangements must be in place.
  • Maximum loan repayments period of 84 Month depending with age to retire.
  • Maximum loan amount of Ksh 3,500,000.
  • Loan must be fully booked before disbursements.


    • Your salary and the MOU act as the security.
    • Faster and friendly processing.


  • Member to open account and Buy shares of Ksh 10,000 and raise a Non withdrawable deposit of ksh 20,000.
  • Check off loan application forms duly completed in triplicate.
  • A 1/3 rule must be observed.
  • Three (3) latest certified pay slips.
  • Certified Account statements for the last (3) months.

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