Tower Sacco Savings and Credit Co-operative Society Limited is seeking to recruit suitable, qualified and experienced individuals to complement our able team to successfully drive our business.  Interested candidates are invited to fill in the below positions;

Job Title Number of posts Job Reference Number
Teller Grade 1 11 TSCCS: Teller G1. 6/2023
ICT  Assistant 1 TSCCS:ICT Ass.7/2023
Business Development Officer 3 TSCCS:BDO.8/2023
Registry Clerk 1 TSCCS: R. Clerk.9/2023

The applications should be submitted on or before 22nd June 2023 by 6.00 p.m.

Applications that are incomplete, received beyond the deadline or that do not meet the stated requirements will not be considered. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and they will be required to provide the following upon being successful;

  1. Clearance certificate from the Ethics & anti-corruption commission (EACC)
  2. Tax compliance certificate from the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)
  3. A valid certificate of good conduct
  4. Clearance certificate from the Higher Education Loans board (HELB)
  5. Clearance certificate from the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB)

Please note that;-

  • Tower SACCO Society will not have outsourced the recruitment process to any organization or agency which, through website postings, mass e-mail messages, newsletters or otherwise claims to be doing recruitment on its behalf. Tower SACCO Society will only use approved and reputable recruitment firms on(exception basis only).
  • Tower SACCO Society does not, and will never solicit money for any part of its recruitment processes including short-listing, interviews, background, and/or medical check-ups.
  • Tower SACCO Society will not be responsible for such fraudulent correspondence or any loss of money or theft which may result from anyone engaging in any fraudulent recruitment activity.

Kindly be cautious, and if you have any questions and/or would like to report what you believe to be a fraudulent Tower SACCO Society recruitment person(s) or agency, please email to

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Afterwards, use the link below to apply for the position that suits you.

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