The SACCO has compared well in the National and local market.  During the year 2017 International Co-operative Day, we were awarded the following trophies.

  • 1st position for the most improved and fastest growing SACCO nationally
  • Overall Best FOSA products in Nyandarua county

Member’s Education:

Each and every year we organize for member’s education days on zonal basis. We try as much as possible to visit our entire Education zone. The Education Board committee comprising of three directors prepares the training programme for the members, directors and staff at the beginning of each year. The same committee is also charged with the duties of preparing training materials like brochures, flyers, management circulars and the annual newsletters.

Impact of SASRA regulations on SACCO activities

We were licensed by SASRA as a deposit taking SACCO on 28th July 2011 after fulfilling all the conditions set by the regulatory body. This has enabled us to operate within the Co-operative societies Act and the SACCO Societies ACT as well as the Rules and Regulations.

The Authority has positively impacted on the following areas;-

  • Increased capital base due to retention and raising of more share capital
  • Self reliance-the SACCOs have become self reliant due to retention of surplus and mobilization of capital leading to reduced external borrowing.
  • SACCOs have become efficient in service delivery and granting of loans.
  • Development and strict adherence of policies.
  • Improved liquidity level – the SACCO Is required to maintain liquidity level at 15% at all times.
  • Controlled investment in non-core activities
  • Governance and integrity- Directors and top management are required to fill in fit & proper test forms.
  • Public confidence-regulated institutions are perceived by the public to be well managed.
  • Divesting from non core activities.
  • Accounting- the Authority has ensured that SACCO’s accounts are audited by professionals from the list it has provided.