Tower Sacco

Service Charter


Utmost 20 Minutes Services

  • Cash/cheque deposits
  • Over the counter withdrawals
  • ATM and cheque book collection
  • General enquiries
  • ATM card blocking
  • Bankers cheque

Utmost 1 hour Services

  • Account opening
  • FDR Processing
  • Dormant Account Activation
  • Internal Funds Transfer
  • Statement Processing
  • Money gram/Western Union

 Utmost 24 hours services

  • Salary/Pension Processing
  • RTGS/EFT remittances
  • Bank standing orders processing

 Utmost 3 week Services

  • ATM/ FOSA Card processing
  • Cheque book Processing


 Utmost 1 hour - Short term loans

  • Emergency 12 & 24
  • School fees
  • Special loans
  • Advances
  • Refunds
  • Mkopo Mashinani

 Utmost 3 hours - Long term loans

  • Normal loan
  • FOSA/ Karibu loan
  • Premium loan

Asset finance and group premium loans upon perfection of the securities.

 Spot cash registration  and PIN generation - 72 hours Agency card processing - 1 week  
 TO Contact Us  
 Head Office

 0723 -836 421/ 0733 416 492

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Hotline: 0731 638 930

 Engineer Branch 0725- 562016
 Nyahururu Branch 0788-975724/0707-937575
 Maralal Branch 0707-805 818/0788-975698 
 Ndaragwa Branch 0711-727714/0732-827081
Miharati Branch 0727-172775/0736-500971
Gilgil branch 0754-507679
Naivasha Branch 0731-028088
Haraka Branch 0727-072991

Business Hours

Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 4.00 pm

Sartuday 8.00 am to 12.00 noon


Our Branches

Listed below are the Tower Sacco Branches;

  • Head office - Ol'kalou Town
  • Ol'kalou Town office Branch - Ol'kalou Town
  • Engineer Branch
  • Ndaragwa Branch
  • Gilgil Branch
  • Nyahururu Branch
  • Maralal Branch
  • Miharati Branch
  • Kwa-haraka Branch
  • Naivasha Branch
  • Nakuru Branch
  • Geta satellite
  • Shamata Office
  • Wiyumiririe Satellite Office
  • Mirangine Satellite Office
  • Gathanji Satellite Office
  • Murungaru Satellite office.



Sacco Agency

As Tower Sacco we are always committed to bringing services closer to you. We are currently rolling out Tower Sacco agency services in the various towns in Kenya. Some of the services to be offered include Cash withdrawals, Cash deposits, Loan repayments, Share contributions, Balance enquiries, Mini statements, and Airtime purchase among others.

All members can access this service, provided you have a card which will be supplied by the Sacco upon application. We are also in the process of recruiting more agents in the various towns. For more information or clarification you can always contact us through our official email or through our office lines or visit any of our branches nearest to you.

Spot Cash

Out on the farm, safari, meeting, etc? Run out of cash? Busy but need to transact urgently? Relax.....No need to travel all they way to your branch... Your mobile phone... Your bank. Tower Sacco now offers you comprehensive Banking services via your phone in partnership with spotcash, Money anytime, anywhere!

 Our Services

  • Deposit money
  • withdraw money
  • Check balances
  • Share contribution
  • Dividend Payment
  • Buy airtime

(low cash, banking, deposit, withdrawal, make loan repayments and other mobile financial services at the comfort of your phone)

 The Procedure


  • Go to the Main menu
  • Select option 3 - withdraw to MPESA
  • Please enter the ammount
  • Please confirm the withdrawal by selecting
  1. Accept
  2. Decline
  • You will receive a confirmation message for your transaction.






  • Go to Mpesa
  • Lipa na Mpesa
  • Select Paybill
  • Insert business Number (which is organizational code (ie) 0081)
  • Enter ammount
  • Enter Mpesa Pin Number
  • Press ok

 The money will be transferred from your Mpesa Account to your FOSA account.

Our Partners

Contact Us



OL’Kalou/Nyahururu Road:

P.O Box 259-20303,OL’KALOU

TEL: 051-8000822, Fax 020-2071205

CELL: 0723-836421;0733-416492, Hotline: 0731638930