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We have now officially opened over the counter shares trading to all our members. If you do wish to buy or sell, you are supposed to fill the share sale or purchase form, indicating the shares you intend to buy or sell. In addition you will be required to deposit with us a 2% commission of the total value of shares being traded.


Tower Sacco was recently rewarded for being position one and for the most improved, Fastest growing Sacco in the country.


Tower Sacco involved in environmental conservation and green energy in partnership with Greenpot Enterprises.

Tower Sacco is Now in Nakuru . Visit our Branch Located at Tropical House next to Kitchen Planet Behind Gilanis Supermarket.



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OL’Kalou/Nyahururu Road:

P.O Box 259-20303,OL’KALOU

TEL: 051-8000822, Fax 020-2071205

CELL: 0723-836421;0733-416492, Hotline: 0731638930

E-mail: info@towersacco.co.ke

Website: www.towersacco.co.ke.