Tower Sacco Shares

Tower Sacco is offering to its existing members extra shares amounting to 1,200,000. This share offer gives members the perfect opportunity to create wealth for themselves now and in the future. It also enables them to pass over ownership of the Sacco to the future generations.


  •  Ownership of the Sacco
  •  Lucrative Dividends
  •  Bonus share issues derived from increased reserves.
  •  Capital gain as a result of increased value of the shares
  •  Future split of shares will automatically lead to increase of shares
  •  Future trade in shares over –the –counter thus making them competitive.

Why Tower Sacco Shares?

  •  Asset Base of Ksh 3.2 Billion
  •  Loan Book of Ksh 2.5 Billion
  •  Member Deposits of Ksh 2.2 Billion
  •  Membership over 22,000
  •  Core capital (share capital + Reserve) Ksh. 500M
  •  Minimum shares to be subscribed is 20 within a nominal value of Ksh. 100/=. Total Kshs. 2000/= Mode of Payment
  •  Cash
  •  Loan from the Sacco
  •  Surrender of Dividends/ Rebates
  •  Salary Advance

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