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Our mobile banking platform enables you to make deposits and  withdrawal on your Sacco savings account. The transactions are  normally real-time with a waiting period of at most 2 mins.

In an effort to serve you better, we have also upgraded our spot cash  Mobile Banking system to enable you to make deposits directly into  your share account and loan account.

For shares contributions go to pay bill 350050 then under account put  0081#shares. The system will channel the funds to the respective  Members deposit account

For loan repayment, the account format is 0081#loan/loan code


In case a member wants to make a normal loan repayment, the account  format should be


The loan code format is as follows:

  • 01-salary advance
  • 02-Fosa loan
  • 03-farm produce advance
  • 06-premium advance
  • 07- salary-in-advance
  • 08-Emergency-24
  • 09-okoa advance
  • 10-dividend advance
  • 11-premium emergency
  • 12-asset finance
  • 13-bima loan
  • 14-mkopo mashinani
  • 15-shares advance
  • 20-Normal loan
  • 21-Emergency12
  • 22-Sch fees loan
  • 23-special loan
  • 24-preferential loan

In case the member does not have a normal loan, the funds will be  credited in the members savings account.


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