Savings Products

1) Current/Business Account

  • Account ideal for business people.
  • No minimum balance.
  • Cheque book is issued.
  • Overdraft interest of 0.055% charged on daily basis


 2) Stop Gap Account

  • Account is designed to save for retirement.
  • Competitive interest rates which is compounded every year.


3) Ordinary Savings Account:

  • An account that can be used to process salaries, pensions, farm proceeds, and normal savings.
  • No withdrawal limits.
  • Cheques can be deposited into the account
  • ATM can be issued.
  • Withdrawal can be made via Spotcash


4) Save as you Borrow:

  • This is an account specifically for people who are servicing FOSA loans.
  • Money can only be withdrawn from this account when a loanee has cleared a FOSA loan and has not applied for another FOSA Loan.
  • Monthly contribution is Kshs.200.
  • Savings in this account can be transferred to BOSA or premium scheme account.
  • Savings in this account can be used to offset a loan balance in case of default.
  • Only loanees whose FOSA loans are running through FOSA contribute to this account.


5) Education Account/ School Fees Account

  • Account has no minimum balance.
  • Minimum Interest earning balance is Kshs.5,000
  • Cheques to school given from this account once per quarter.
  • School fees loans from BOSA must pass through this account.


6) Fixed Deposit Account

  • Minimum amount is Kshs.20,000
  • Contract period is 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.
  • Competitive interest rates above market rates.
  • A customer who wishes to terminate the contract before the contract period ends forfeits the interest earned.


7) Premium Scheme Account

  • This account is ideal for farmers, business community, registered groups, companies, cooperatives societies and churches.
  • Registration fee is Ksh 500
  • Minimum monthly contribution is Kes.500.
  • Loan granted is three times the deposits.
  • Deposits in this account earns dividends of over 10% per annum
  • A group intending to open this account must be legally registered.
  • To withdraw from premium account membership, one must give a 60 days’ notice.


8) Sacco Junior Account

  • This an account designed for children who are between birth and 18 years.
  • Free homebanking piggy.
  • Free cheque to schools
  • Banking day for children every two years.
  • Withdrawals are 3 times a year
  • Earns interest at a competitive rate

Account Features:

  • Free Birthday cards.
  • Free entertainment and banking day for the kids.
  • Parent must open a different account for each child
  • Competitive interest rates earned.
  • Minimum interest earning balance is Kshs.2,000.
  • Free home banking.
  • Account can only be withdrawn 3 times a year.

 Requirements for opening the account:

  • Parent’s I.D. Card.
  • Child’s birth certificate (Optional)
  • Fill in application form (Parent)
  • No account opening fee.



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