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Our Products

Mkopo Mashinani

Tower Sacco Kenya

The loan is granted to members who are organized read more....



Tower sacco Kenya

This is a product developed to give you and your read more...

Mbolea Hai Loan

This facility enables a farmer to acquire high yield organic fertilizer read more...

Stop Gap Account

Account is designed to save for retirement.Competitive interest

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Salary Advance

  •  Maximum amount is Ksh 50,000
  •  Competitive interest rates
  •  Maximum repayment period is 12 months
  •  Required 2 guarantors

Salary in advance

  •  Maximum amount equivalent to one month’s salary
  •  Recovered immediately salary is received
  •  Competitive interest rates

Farm Produce Advance

  • Rate of interest is 3%
  • Commission on transfer is Ksh 200
  • Risk Management of 2%

Okoa Advance

  • Interest rate is 10%
  • Risk Management fund 2%
  • Commission on transfer is Ksh 200

Dividend Advance

  • Rate of interest is 5%
  • Risk Management of 2%
  • Commission on Transfer Ksh 200
  • Interest Loaded to the principal

Asset Finance

  • Interest rate is 1.4% per month reducing balance
  • Appraisal fee of Ksh 10000
  • Commission on transfer is Ksh 750 or 0.8% of the amount
  • Whichever is higher to a maximum of Ksh 5000
  • Risk Management fund 2%

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OL’Kalou/Nyahururu Road:

P.O Box 259-20303,OL’KALOU

TEL: 051-8000822, Fax 020-2071205

CELL: 0723-836421;0733-416492, Hotline: 0731638930

E-mail: info@towersacco.co.ke

Website: www.towersacco.co.ke.